My name is Oleg Zingilevsky, a.k.a. Big Z. I run a project known as Physical Transformation a.k.a. Physical. At the moment, more than 25 thousand participants have finished it successfully. It converts to about almost five years of activity and the results are most certainly better than in every other similar project. The project consists of everything I preach and practice: Physical is built solely on scientific data that we very efficiently put into practice.

I do not have the initial professional athlete background, I have a degree in economics and software engineering. Only after getting those two have I completed the professional trainer education, and this is very important from the formal point of view. I’ve also spent more than 10 years working as a government employee. My project is built on the base of my hobbies: 18 years or different sport activities. I started in martial arts and then transferred to all kinds of resistance training from bodybuilding to crossfit.

Now let’s talk about professional achievements: Menno Henselmans certified Personal Trainer (Netherlands) and а graduate of Mac-Nutrition University (Martin McDonald, UK). I have also studied other shorter but very deep courses by Ben Cant, James Krieger, Alex Viada, Luke Leaman, John Jewett — some of them I have already finished, while others are in progress at the moment. While for some people listed names don’t ring a bell, others will probably appreciate it a lot. For me these courses are precious, those who get it will understand.

Why do you need to know all that? It is simple: you can see for yourself the results of my work, and confirm the effectiveness of my methods. You can scroll through my account to appreciate the quality of articles that I write. If you tend to worry about formal questions like education, you can see that they are very well covered too. My expertise is based on thousands of hours of study and hard labor (I have passed the 10 000 hour threshold long long time ago), on a lot of money spent on education, and I am not planning to stop doing all that.

And now the key point: I enjoy everything that I am doing. I see how huge and deep Physical Transformation became over the years, what kind of sustainable results it yields and how much potential it still has. At some point in the past I stopped dealing with personal clients completely, so that all my effort would be devoted entirely to the project.

It is worth noting that the results in the project turned out to be better than in one-on-one work after that. The reason is depth. You don’t just acquire specific numbers and instructions, you build an understanding of how and why, and that’s when the results become amazing.

At some point Physical Transformation turned from “pay me and I’ll tell you how to exercise and eat to lose fat” into long-term lifestyle coaching. The reviews also changed from only being about X lost pounds and Y lost inches to a lot of words about new lifestyles, higher self-esteem, the ability to change other aspects of a life with your own hands and full responsibility.

And this, my friends, is 100% worth putting all your resources, free time and soul into it.

You and I will probably walk a part of your life path together. Your life will likely change, and these changes will be not only about your fitness and appearance.

The Physical Transformation will almost certainly be something you were not expecting, but if you chose to stay in the project, it will exceed all your expectations.

You yourself will exceed your expectations yourself.

Anyway, this post is about me, not about you :)

Nice to meet you and welcome to The Physical Transformation!




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Physical Transformation by Zingilevskiy

Physical Transformation by Zingilevskiy

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